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Cyphernomicon - Critical Acclaim!

    Critical Acclaim for the Cyphernomicon !

"My dusty old tomes were showing their age, but the Cyphernomicon
has given me a new lease on life.  It's going to be fun!" - Old Ned

"I think he's trying to confuse us.  Don't believe a word he says."
Fission Chips

"Enlightening." - The King in Yellow

"I liked the part about trust." - Ronald Reagan

"Now I understand why Lucy always yanked the football away from me."
Charlie Brown

"I fear for T. C. May's soul." - Jerry Falwell

"What a stupid jerk I've been!" - Ollie North

"It's nothing but words.  No swords, horsemen, or foot soldiers.
He doesn't scare me!" - Attilla the Hun

"Stay tuned for the blueprint of the next century.  But first,
Page Two ..."  - Paul Harvey

"This is a terrible document!  I detest it ... and I'm printing a copy
for all my friends." - Rush Limbaugh

"I am recommending that we ban public use of assault keys, and that only
appropriate Federal agencies be allowed to use them." - Janet Reno

"I resent his appropriation of the term 'BlackNet'!" - Jesse Jackson

"It's nothing really.  I've communicated with pseudonyms for years."
Miss Manners

"That's how we _should_ have done our real estate deals!"
Hillary Rodham Clinton

"Here are the top ten reasons why you should read the Cyphernomicon ..."
David Letterman

"What a lucrative market Mr. May has shown!  Nobody will ever know how
much this means to me." - Bill Gates

"He made it all perfectly clear, except perhaps the chapter on
anonymity and remailers." - Richard Nixon

"If I had had this book, they would be naming high schools after me."
Richard Nixon

"What, me worry?" - Alfred E. Neuman

"Pull my thumb ... if you can find it!  Heh heh heh." - Beavis & Butthead