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I've been out of e-mail range for a while, so some of sci.crypt has fallen
off the back end of my host.  And I don't read the full Cypherpunks feed.
So some of these may be dumb questions, but they're mine and I would like
them answered.

Does anyone know if this is really RC4?  Has anyone compiled it to see
if it will run?  Has anyone tried to use it to decrypt messages encrypted
with some commercial RC4 program?

I see that it has been posted anonymously.  Was it posted to Cypherpunks
only, or did it also get on sci.crypt?  If not, did someone from
Cypherpunks, anonymously or not, crosspost it to sci.crypt?

Has there been any reaction from anybody?  RSADS?  NSA?  NIST?  I just
sent a copy of Bidzos asking for comment.

This seems to be a REALLY GOOD THING, but I would like some verification
that it is not a hoax.

Inquiring minds want to know.