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prototype reputation system READY

I have a prototype reputation system ready for testing. I think
many cypherpunks who have debated this topic will be very interested 
to see the model. It comes very close to ideas knocked around here
recently and in the distant past.

I'm looking for some volunteers who can help me debug it to the point
of being a reliable "production" version. This will involve nothing
more than subscribing to a mailing list and testing some of the
commands (whichever you wish to experiment with). The entire system is 
email- and server- based. Email me for more information. I intend that 
the software, after refined to a degree of stability, will be released 
in the public domain.

I think that reputation or "ratings" systems will ultimately be very
important elements of future cyberspatial infrastructure (in some
ways even more so than the current Usenet structure), and I hope
that there are some hardy pioneers here would would like to contribute
to "civilizing cyberspace".

Thanks in advance--

Vladimir Z Nuri
[email protected]
``Imagination is more important than knowledge.'' (Einstein)