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Re: Distribution of FAQ to CompuServe, American Online, etc.

> > But don't advertise it to non-Cypherpunks, for these reasons.
> > I just can't handle the questions that would arise. 
> > I hope you all can understand this.
> Hmm .. sounds like a good opportunity to spawn off a pseudonym. 
> The Cyphernomicon can stand on its own two feet with respect to 
> being useful - it's nice to know that Tim May wrote it, but it'd
> be interesting if some nobody did, also. Perhaps the next edition
> *should* be (apparently) published by some unknown nobody .. 
> Klaus! von Future Prime, or some other fictional character who
> doesn't get (or need to reply to) E-mail. Important corrections or
> other comments can get sent to the list for general digestion and
> discussion. 

How about The Mad Cryptographer Abdul RSAed :-)  [As opposed to
the Mad Arab Abdul Alzhared]