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Noninteractive use of PGP 2.6 _help requested

I would like to know how to set up PGP 2.6 UNIX so that I can filter(ELM) mail
through PGP from the filter without being signed on the(remote) system. I
believe that the path variable is involved($PGPPATH).
The ELM filter works fine while I am physically signed on but stops encrypting
when I send mail to the filter from a remote account. Presumably the program
looks at the "current"directory for public key files---/usr/local/bin/pgp and
the keys are really in my personal account   /usr/homef/me/.pgp.
I am NOT UNIX expert so if you send a response a 4th grade programming level
explanation will not be viewed as "playing down"
I am assuming I can use "setenv $PGPPATH =/usr/homef/me/pgp"  in csh and that
will work while I am logged into the account. Question (I think)is how to
provide a path statement while I am not signed on and have th csh-ell active.

Some sample statements are helpful.

BTW the same question is interesting for Procmail and I would apprecitae some
recipes from the cyphercognoscenti for this problem