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EduPage note on CyberCash "digital purse" e-money rollout

Any more info on this appreciated.

From EduPage, 09/14/94:

A new company called CyberCash hopes to break the impasse in conducting
commercial transactions over the Internet by offering a secure electronic
payment system. "We want to make the Internet safe for commerce... and
provide safe passage from cyberspace into the banking world," says the
company's president and co-founder. CyberCash will allow users to ask their
banks to set aside money in a "digital purse." The funds are then
transferred to the merchant when an item is purchased. CyberCash would
receive a small fee for each transaction. The company is still working on
security measures, and must persuade banks that the system protects privacy
and is tamper-proof. (Wall Street Journal 9/13/94 B1)"

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