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OFFER: I'll filter Cypherpunks for $20.

This is a blatant commercial offer.  flames >/dev/null

In response to the widely varying signal to noise ratio here on
cypherpunks, I've begun offering a filtering service.  The service is 
called Cypherpunks Lite, and contains what I consider to be the most
relevant postings.  I forward somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 - 10%
of the total feed.  The emphasis is on quality, not quantity.

You can sign up for a one year subscription by sending a check or
money order for US$20 along with your email address to:

	Eric Blossom
	1275 4th Street, Suite 194
	Santa Rosa, CA 95404

For a limited time, a two week "free trial" is available by sending
a message to [email protected] with the body:

	subscribe cp-lite

If I don't receive your money within two weeks, you'll be quietly
dropped from the distribution.

Thanks for your attention.