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Re: [CyberCash Media hype]

At 4:24 PM 9/14/94, [email protected] wrote:

>  Private on-line services use proprietary software to move
>funds, which reduces the risk of thieves breaking into the
>system. But only subscribers are permitted to make on-line
>purchases, and then only from participating merchants. For
>example, fewer than 3% of the people who frequent the CompuServe
>"mall" each month buy anything.
>  The Internet, by contrast, is an unsecured free-for-all that
>uses "open" software to let tens of thousands of computers link
>up. That means more computer jocks know how it really works,
>increasing the chances of a break-in.

These are my favorite paragraphs.

1) Proprietary == secure

2) Understanding how it works == insecure

"Blah Blah Blah"
Jamie Lawrence                                  <[email protected]>