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Re: The Importance of Filtering

In article <[email protected]>,
Hal <[email protected]> wrote:
>The list volume is so high that the disk space to hold much of an
>archive becomes a bit expensive.  Still, if one of thse could be made
>accessible to anon ftp it might be worthwhile (if toad allows anon ftp).

Let's not get too silly here: disk space is cheap.  The aforementioned
 bb.com cypherpunks newsgroup takes up 7 megs right now, since July 16,
 and that's not even compressed (one of these days, I'll take care of
 that). That's $5 at current disk prices.  I'm certainly willing to
 shell out $2.50/month to keep all of cypherpunks around: I frequently
 grep for references.

No, it's bandwidth of a gazillion cypherpunks getting the material
 that worries me...  but we'll live with it.
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