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pgp 2.6.1 circumventing legal kludge


I have examined the source to the latest modification to
pgp2.6 pgp2.6.1. It appears that the +legal_kludge command
parameter remains as also does the bug that prevents this code
from working! (Value is used instead of Flag.)

One would have thought that the bug would have been fixed
or the legal kludge code would have been removed in pgp2.61.
The existence of this bug was widely publicized. Perhaps
the authors wish there to continue to be a way to circumvent
the kludge, but can not be seen taking explicit action to fix
the bug.

The bottom line is that to encrypt a message to be sent to
someone with an earlier version of pgp such as pgp 2.3a,
one should disable the legal kludge by using the following
command line:

pgp +cert_depth=0 +legal_kludge=off +cert_depth=4 -eat file them

My program in noklg.zip is a way to use the above feature to
cause pgp to be compatible with earlier versions of pgp without
the extra typing. (It supports MSDOS and OS/2). You can set up
the program so that pgp shells and other programs work as originally
designed, but encrypting files compatible with earlier versions
of pgp. I wish that someone would store this program in at a public
ftp site.

Version: 2.6