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Radio Them Back to the Stone Age

Forwarding List FOP mail by: 
[email protected] (Tim Horrigan) on Fri, 16 
Sep  8:22 AM
At 22:52 9/15/94 -0400, Judith Frederika Rodenbeck wrote:
>The medium we
>are using can be like radio, like the psyop single-frequency 
cheapies we
>dropped across Vietnam, which a person could only retune by 
opening up and
>diddling with solder.

They dropped such radios on Haiti last night as well.  Most of 
them were  picked up immediately by the cops and carted away 
somewhere, according to  an NPR reporter.  The NPR reporter 
found this out by listening to the  police-band transmissions 
on his scanner (which seems ironic somehow.)

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