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Thank you Bob Anderson (fwd)

FYI... I'd appreciate if you posted this wherever you saw RC4...


    It has come to RSA Data Security's attention that certain RSA
trade secrets, in the form of confidential and proprietary source
code, have been misappropriated and disclosed.  Please be advised that
these acts, as well as any retransmission or use of this
misappropriated source code is a violation of the Uniform Trade
Secrets Act and various other state and federal laws.  Any person or
entity that acquires, discloses or uses this information is subject to
criminal and civil penalties including an injunction, compensatory
damages, punitive damages and payment of RSA's attorneys fees.

    RSA considers this misappropriation to be most serious.  Not only
is this act a violation of law, but its publication is a gross abuse
of the Internet.  RSA has begun an investigation and will proceed with
legal action against anyone found to have violated its intellectual
property rights.