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(fwd) "Will You Be a Terrorist?"

   [...] perhaps it's time to start seriously
   looking at hacking list software to create mailing lists that are fully
   anonymous and encrypted.  Has anybody started on such a project?

I'd suggest that a much more productive avenue of approach would be to
improve the aliasing facilities of a remailer provider to allow a
pseudonym to look like a fully normal name.

Ownership of root is not necessary for this.  I know that Matt Ghio's
mail delivery set up allows this.  At his site there's this
'name+extra' syntax which delivers mail to 'name', but because of a
special sendmail version 8 macro in the Received: field both the
'name' and the 'extra' can be recovered.  The 'extra' is then an input
into a remailer as a pseudonym.

The aliasing has to happen somewhere.  It can happen at the mailing
list exploder or at the remailer.  Since the mapping at the remailer
is of much more general use, and since it allows one to leverage _all_
forms of mail communication and not just mailing list, it seems like a
much better place for that mapping to exist.  Implementation inside a
remailer is a duplication of function--almost always a bad thing.