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Re: (fwd) "Will You Be a Terrorist?"

> I'd suggest that a much more productive avenue of approach would be to
> improve the aliasing facilities of a remailer provider to allow a
> pseudonym to look like a fully normal name.

it's done. omega.c2.org

> Ownership of root is not necessary for this.  I know that Matt Ghio's
> mail delivery set up allows this.  At his site there's this
> 'name+extra' syntax which delivers mail to 'name', but because of a
> special sendmail version 8 macro in the Received: field both the
> 'name' and the 'extra' can be recovered.  The 'extra' is then an input
> into a remailer as a pseudonym.
> The aliasing has to happen somewhere.  It can happen at the mailing
> list exploder or at the remailer.  Since the mapping at the remailer
> is of much more general use, and since it allows one to leverage _all_
> forms of mail communication and not just mailing list, it seems like a
> much better place for that mapping to exist.  Implementation inside a
> remailer is a duplication of function--almost always a bad thing.
> Eric

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