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Re: (fwd) "Will You Be a Terrorist?"

In a post to <[email protected]>, [email protected] (L. Todd Masco) wrote:
> Now, this won't give protection from traffic analysis;  In was
> suggestion, I was really blurring two seperate lines of thought
> (I'm interested in PGPified mailing list software for content-hiding
> reasons; I'm trying to set up a "distributed business" that I'd
> like to keep secure).  Also, though, I'm not sure I want to count
> on anonymous remailers being available.  If people want to
> effectively "chain" them, that's fine.

    I don't see how using PGPified mailing lists help at all
(with the assumtion that anyone can subscribe). I mean, anyone
can simply subscribe to the list and then read all of the traffic.
What's the point? Anyways...

    I *can*, however, see the use of using PGP encryption for
mailing list submissions, expecially combined with an aliasing
feature. (i.e. the mailing list has a key pair, and people send
mail to it). Possibly even accepting something like the cypherpunk
remailer format (i.e.:

anon-post-from: bob

etc... ). This, however, *might* be going to far for some people's
comfort, because it would allow *COMPLETELY* untraceable posts
(depending on the security of the site, but that's another issue).
You can do other remailer-type traffic analysis defeaters like
sending out the posts in random order at fixed intervals, etc.

> 	- What I want (for other purposes) is a mailing list that has
> 	 its own public key; Material is encrypted to it, it decrypts it,
> 	 and then the material is encrypted with each recipient's public
> 	 key (I'm assuming a PGP base here).   Probably simply to do,
> 	 but has anybody done it?  No pretense of protection from
> 	 traffic analysis here: just to keep prying 3rd parties' eyes
> 	 off it.

See above. Also, a couple problems with encrypting it to each person on the list  
is that it takes:

 #1 Space for all of the keys
 #2 Time to encrypt EACH message to each person

Both of which quickly become a problem on high-volume lists such as cypherpunks.
Also, it requires that EVERYONE use PGP if they want to read the list. This, I  
believe, is an unacceptable requirement.

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