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Data Havens

A few corrections I didn't catch when I posted this....

>      Well, the only real way to do this SECURELY is for human intervention
> to decide which keys are accurate and which aren't. Barring that, try
> taking advantage of the keyservers. When a packet comes in, snag a copy of
> ALL the keys this person has (and, perhaps, a few that haven't, just for a
> confounding factor), and use them one-by-one until a match is generated.
> Then, discard all keys. If no match, trash the packet.
HAVEN'T should be AREN'T, two lines up.

>      Don't accept files when less than 5% of the drive is full. Send back
> a confirmation code different from that of a successful transfer. Either
> that, or trash the packet, adding a rather cryptic bounce message. The
> exact wording and protocol will have to be established first, and only
> known to people who use the DH.
The first line should read "less than 5% of the drive is empty."


PS: Yes, I know I copied alot from the original message. I wanted to
maintain the clarity while posting the "bug fixes".
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