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List of reliable remailers

   I have written and installed a remailer pinging script which
collects detailed information about remailer features and reliability.

   To use it, just finger [email protected]

   There is also a Web version of the same information, at:

   Please let me know about any other remailers which I missed. I've
only included remailers which can mail to arbitrary addresses, so I
already know chop and twwells are missing.

   This information is used by premail, a remailer chaining and PGP
encrypting client for outgoing mail, which is available at:

   For the PGP public keys of the remailers, as well as some help on
how to use them, finger [email protected]

This is the current info:

                                 REMAILER LIST

   This is an automatically generated listing of remailers. The first
   part of the listing shows the remailers along with configuration
   options and special features for each of the remailers. The second
   part shows the 10-day history, and average latency and uptime for each
   remailer. You can also get this list by fingering
   [email protected]

$remailer{"chaos"} = "<[email protected]> cpunk hash ksub";
$remailer{"vox"} = "<[email protected]> cpunk oldpgp. post";
$remailer{"avox"} = "<[email protected]> cpunk oldpgp post";
$remailer{"extropia"} = "<[email protected]> cpunk pgp special";
$remailer{"portal"} = "<[email protected]> cpunk pgp hash";
$remailer{"alumni"} = "<[email protected]> cpunk pgp hash";
$remailer{"bsu-cs"} = "<[email protected]> cpunk hash ksub";
$remailer{"rebma"} = "<[email protected]> cpunk pgp hash";
$remailer{"jpunix"} = "<[email protected]> cpunk pgp hash latent cut post";
$remailer{"wien"} = "<[email protected]> cpunk pgp hash nsub";
$remailer{"c2"} = "<[email protected]> eric pgp hash";
$remailer{"soda"} = "<[email protected]> eric pgp. post";
$remailer{"penet"} = "<[email protected]> penet post";
$remailer{"ideath"} = "<[email protected]> cpunk hash ksub";
$remailer{"usura"} = "<[email protected]> cpunk pgp. hash latent cut post";
$remailer{"leri"} = "<[email protected]> cpunk pgp hash";
$remailer{"desert"} = "<[email protected]> cpunk pgp.";
$remailer{"underdog"} = "<[email protected]> cpunk hash latent cut post";
[email protected] is _not_ a remailer.

Last ping: Mon 19 Sep 94 6:00:01 PDT
remailer  email address                        history  latency  uptime
wien     [email protected]       ***-+**++***     9:04  99.99%
bsu-cs   [email protected]           ***++*****+*     6:05  99.99%
c2       [email protected]                    +****-**+*-*  1:02:35  99.99%
ideath   [email protected]   +****++*-.+*  2:32:19  99.99%
chaos    [email protected]           *******#**#*     1:48  99.99%
leri     [email protected]                  *****-**+*-*    56:05  99.99%
alumni   [email protected]           -***********    13:07  99.91%
soda     [email protected]       +++++++...    5:41:04  99.97%
portal   [email protected]         -***********    13:01  99.87%
extropia [email protected]       ++-- -++++++  1:22:57  99.73%
underdog [email protected]             *****     3:43  99.59%
vox      [email protected]             ---.. --.-   11:04:20  99.50%
rebma    [email protected]            --*-----+-    6:19:39  99.77%
penet    [email protected]               ************  2:02:48  98.91%
jpunix   [email protected]              *** *-** #**     7:34  98.87%
desert   [email protected]          ..--.- ----  25:55:50  81.03%
usura    [email protected]                  *****   **+*     8:54  79.30%

Suggested path: c2;bsu-cs;wien
For more info: http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~raph/remailer-list.html

   Options and features

          A major class of remailers. Supports Request-Remailing-To:

          A variant of the cpunk style. Uses Anon-Send-To: instead.

          The third class of remailers (at least for right now). Uses
          X-Anon-To: in the header.

          Remailer supports encryption with PGP. A period after the
          keyword means that the short name, rather than the full email
          address, should be used as the encryption key ID.

          Remailer does not like messages encoded with MIT PGP 2.6. Other
          versions of PGP, including 2.3a and 2.6ui, work fine.

          Supports ## pasting, so anything can be put into the headers of
          outgoing messages.

          Remailer always kills subject header, even in non-pgp mode.

          Remailer always preserves subject header, even in pgp mode.

          Supports Matt Ghio's Latent-Time: option.

          Supports Matt Ghio's Cutmarks: option.

          Accepts only pgp encrypted messages.

   History key
     * # response in less than 5 minutes.
     * * response in less than 1 hour.
     * + response in less than 4 hours.
     * - response in less than 24 hours.
     * . response in more than 1 day.
     * _ response came back too late (more than 2 days).

   If you've got a Web page, please feel free to include a link to
this page. If you think your Web page is relevant to the subject of
remailers, let me know and I'll link it in.

   Comments and suggestions welcome!

   Note to remailer operators: this script generates hourly ping
messages. If you don't want that, let me know and I will take your
mailer off the list, or increase the interval between pings.

Raph Levien