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art encryption...

Responding to msg by [email protected] (Lile Elam) on Mon, 19 Sep  
0:11 AM

>So, I have been thinking that a way an artist can 
>insure a viewer that the art they are viewing is really 
>that of the artist, the artist can *sign* their  art 
>with their private key and others can check it with 
>their public key.  Now, the art would be factered into 
>the key generated that others would check with the 
>public key.
>So, a image file (gif, jpeg, tiff whatever) would be 
>run through a encryption  coding that would generate a 
>signage based on the artist's image and their private 
>key. The image would remain unchanged. Then viewers 
>could run the  same encyription coding on the image and 
>apply the artist's public key  to see if it really *is* 
>their work....

As a parallel to your inquiry I offer:

Thanks to help from this list my firm uses PGP to encrypt, sign 
and verify CAD architectural documents exchanged with 
consultants and clients.

We also conceal ID in the documents by a simple steganographic 
method using combined PGP and CAD posted here a few weeks back, 
which is not revealed to the recipients, as a check on 
authorized use and distribution.

Any suggested improvements would be welcome.