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Re: Public key/3DES datastream software over WAN Bastions

The IETF's IPSEC working group is specifying a security protocol for
use at the IP layer called IPSP that should provide the encrypted link
portion of what you want. A implementation of an earlier experimental
standard called swIPe is widely available. The idea behind these
things is to encrypt all your IP packets so the higher layers can
assume security to some extent...


Stephen D. Williams says:
> Has anyone produced software (preferably Unix based) that provides
> a public key authenticated, DES/3DES encrypted datastream over WAN
> firewalls/bastions?
> A typical use would be to connect transaction feeds between two data
> centers in a secure, automated way over Internet.
> I can't see anything conceptually difficult with it, and it seems the
> PGP library could be used to create simple Unix daemons.
> sdw
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