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Sandy Sandfort writes:
> Mark Chen wrote the follow about the scienter thread:
>     ... Howard Zinn makes the same point in _Declarations of
>     Independence_.... he concludes that law is made not by
>     legislators and judges, but by the policman's club.
> But less and less every day.  As Duncan and I--the official
> "Pollyannas of Privacy"--have been telling you, technology is
> on our side.  As it advances, technology continues to shift the
> balance of power from the State to the individual.

Which is why, even with their exceedingly feeble perception of what
these technologies portend, authoritarian structures are thrown into
fits of nearly hysterical apoplexy when confronted by Things Crypto.

> For my vision of technology in the service of civil liberties,
> see my upcoming article, "Support Your Digital Police," in the
> "Idees Fortes" section of December's Wired.

I'm there.

   - Mark -

Mark Chen 
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