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Re: Virtual assasins and lethal rema

Adam is absolutely right. A somewhat similar case comes to mind that
a few years back. Remember the SOF contract cases? Ads for "high risk
employment" were placed in SOF by hired killers & employers responded to
drops. Although not as anonymous as what we are discussing, interception of
those communications did not break those cases. It was good old fashioned
police work combined with mistakes on the part of employers & employees.
after the case was pretty well solved was the method of hiring revealed (by
suspects talking.) SOF paid a big civil judgement & agreed to stop running
personal employment adverts. Even if a killer is so anonymous that she can't
be linked to a given crime by the employer who will talk  99.9% of the time
any pressure is applied, she must still continue to accept various
The police would then set up one of their stings & "hire" her anonymously
for another job & snatch the killer up when she attempts to fullfill this 
contract. Likewise, the very first offer of employment may well be of this
All of this presupposes that there are still some police around, which I
kinda hope they aren't. They have rarely been around when I needed them &
with all the moraline addicts they have to fix they don't have time for real
crimes against person & property anymore.

tjh pgp261 available