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Re: Scienter and all that stuff

James A. Donald writes:
 > L. Todd Masco writes
 > > I don't think it's nearly as black & white as you suggest:  Our systems
 > > are not monolithic and some consitutional and democratic principles do
 > > still have some sway.  Noam Chomsky discusses this when he talks about
 > > reasons for optimism.
 > Of course Noam Chomsky is optimistic - he favors limitless and absolute
 > state power and the forcible and violent silencing of all those who
 > deviate from political correctness.

Yeah, right.  Support that statement.  That's very much against what I
know him to have stated his beliefs are.

(Why do we have to classify people as saints or demons?  Address arguments
 on their own merits, not on as hominems against the speaker)
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