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Re: Laws Outside the U.S.

On Sep 20, 10:21am, Timothy C. May wrote:
> I heartily agree with Duncan here! There has been very little said by
> the good residents of France, Germany, Sweden, Holland, Italy, etc.
> about just what the crypto-related laws of their countries are.

As I recall, Matthew Gream just posted the results of several months
of investigation into Australia's crypto laws, which is probably the
most definitive summary available to date.  It is a superb piece of
work, but the thread died swiftly.

I also posted a summary of SENECA in sci.crypt (compiled with the help of DSD),
which is the Australian government classified DES replacement, and there
were were no followups there either.

One can only presume from all this that the interest is not really there.

> My hunch is that most of the Western nations are looking for policy
> guidance to Washington, and that whatever laws the U.S. adopts as part
> of Clipper-Key Escrow-Digital Telephony-Antiterrorism-Tracking will be
> adopted in a similar form by the EC and other countries. (The recent
> or upcoming conference on international issues in key escrow, whose
> agenda was posted a while back, is indicative of this.)

I suspect, unfortunately, that you're right.  It's like taking cooking
tips from Lucretia Borger (sp?).