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Tim May writes with regard to anonymous contract killers:
> > 
> >   ... And the risk of losing the digital cash can be made
> >   vanishingly small by use of anonymous escrow services,
> >   which act solely as holders of the digital cash....

Sandy Sandfort writes
> I don't buy it.  Anonymous digital assassins, murder escrows and
> all that work fine in an artificial, abstract, game-theory world.
> I doubt we'll see much--if any--of it in the Real World.  Why?
> Because the market is too richly textured not to come up with its
> own cultural, ethical and digital fixes.

This true conclusion is based on a true assumption that Sandy does
not explicitly make, indeed implicitly denies.

That there is a strong correlation between one wrongful behavior - murder
for hire, and other wrongful behavior - dishonoring promises.

Murder for hire will work if there are honorable, well respected
murder for hire escrow agencies with a long and well established
reputation and murder for hire hitmen with a long and well
established reputation.

Neither seems likely, especially the second.