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Re: HTTP authentication efforts

> From: [email protected] (Paul Ferguson)
> Does anyone know, on the off-chance, who is currently working on 
> HTTP authentication processes for web browsing and Mosiac?

Cern probably has this already done and under wraps by now.  In the
USA the recent NCSA/Spyglass, Inc press release implies that Spyglass
will develop an "electronic commerce" capability for Mosaic.

Tuesday's Wall Street Journal has an interesting article (Sep 20 C1 bottom)
about the mysterious DE Shaw company.  For those of you who don't follow
every vital scrap of information pryed out of DE Shaw - they are a stock
market related firm with very heavy investment in computer hardware and
brain power.

The article quotes Shaw implying the development of yet another electronic
market capability - "commercial use of the Internet".

Perhaps Shaw is funding some of Spyglass?  Its odd to see program trading 
gurus get side tracked on this.