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META: Tim's FAQ, ftp to chaos

Timothy C. May wrote:
>I first want to thank Karl Barrus for making my Cyphernomicon FAQ
>available in separate chapters.

Sure thing, you're welcome!  I'll try to keep on top of future
versions as well.

>gopher chaos.bsu.edu 
>ftp chaos.bsu.edu

About retreiving the gopher files via ftp: I'm not sure it is set up
for that yet.  Chael has put in quite a bit of work over the summer,
including updating gopher daemon, and he did mention he would like to
make the heirarchy available via anonymous ftp, or perhaps move the
gopher directory (currently a subdirectory of my home) into the
anonymous ftp area.  However, I'm not sure if this has been done yet,
or is doable, etc.

If there is sufficient interest though, I could place the chapters of the
FAQ into the cypherpunks/incoming directory for the time being.

Karl L. Barrus: [email protected]         
2.3: 5AD633;   D1 59 9D 48 72 E9 19 D5  3D F3 93 7E 81 B5 CC 32 
2.6: 088C8F21; 97 73 9E 8B 98 3E DD B5  E8 97 64 7E 20 95 60 D9
"One man's mnemonic is another man's cryptography" - K. Cooper