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Re: Laws Outside the U.S. (fwd)Re: Laws Outside the U.S.

|Date: Wed, 21 Sep 1994 10:16:35 -0400 (EDT) 
|From: Jeff Barber <[email protected]>
|To: Hadmut Danisch <[email protected]>
|Cc: [email protected]
|Subject: Re: Laws Outside the U.S. 

|Hadmut Danisch writes:

|>                                     The EC forces their countries to
|> equalize their laws in the sense of "what you can do in one country,
> you can do everywhere".

|> If France forbids the import of crypto software, but allows to sell it
|> inside of France, then I can sue France, because the french programmer
|> can sell his programs in France and I can't.

|Isn't it inevitable that this will -- for the same reasons of equity
|among the member countries -- evolve into a single set of laws governing
|the *use* of crypto throughout the EC?

Free movement of goods rules in the EC contain exceptions for public 
order and national security. National rules control in those areas.