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Re: Reserved DC-Net IP addresses - NOT!

>2) To be interesting, DC nets require physically secure transmission
>   between neighbors. Given that the internet is not physically secure,
>   I'm not sure DC nets are going to run on the bare net
>   any time soon. Presumably one time pads could be used to
>   implement DC nets in order to maintain "unconditional" security or
>   public keys could be used to maintain "good" security.

DC nets don't need _physically_ secure transmission between neighbors, by
any interpretation I can think of. Ordinary crypto security, arranged
separately from the DC net per se, should be sufficient. For example, swIPe
could fit nicely with DC nets.

Or any of the usual public key methods.

Maybe this is what Perry meant, but some might think from his words that
_physical security_ is needed. It is not. Rishab Ghosh in India and Mats
Bergstrom in Sweden and Matthew Gream in Australia could all participate in
a a Dining Cryptographers Net using only Diffie-Hellman to set up the
initial keys. Or using their existing public keys.

--Tim May

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