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Jim Bidzos

My humble opinion: Jim is not really the enemy, nor is he really a
friend. He is a businessman trying to make a buck via the intellectual
property laws.  Sometimes this works out in our favor, sometimes it
doesn't. He sends out letters defending his intellectual property
rights that tend to be full of innuendo and that border on
prevarication, but always stay on the proper side of the line; this is
such a standard practice among people in businesses like his that I
can't fault him for it. Overall, I'd say that anger towards him is


Lile Elam says:
> Wow, this just re-inforces my feelings that RSA is scum and Bidzos
> is at the heart of it and is extream slime and crud...  I hated this jerk
> the first time I met him at a cypherpunks meeting some time ago...
> Wouldn't it wonderful if he would just crawl back under that scum rock
> that he came from...
> Maybe a sniper will hit him someday and free us from having to co-exist
> with this jerk...  It sure is good to know that people don't live forever...
> :)
> I just had a terrible thought... what if he's *not* human!!!!
> the horror, the horror...
> -lile