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Re: kerberosV telnet

>> Anyone have any fun diffs for kerberized telnet/telnetd that I could
>> play with?  An IDEA encryption module?  A Diffie-Hellman module?
>> Standards not necessary, we're just experimenting here.
>The Cygnus release of Kerberos v4 contains much of what you want. The
>4.4 BSD version of Telnet also contains much of what you want.

"That turns out not to be the case."  The version of CNS that we have
doesn't have any encryption beyond DES.  4.4BSD telnet is basically
identical to kerberosV telnet, and the only encryption it has is DES.

You may have misunderstood my message, assuming I was looking for
patches to some random unspecified version of telnet to make it
kerberized and give it IDEA and DH capabilities.  That would have
been a stupid request to make.  Thanks for the compliment.

Let me be crystal clear this time.  We have kerberosV telnet.
It has DES encryption, and a few authentication options that
do not include Diffie-Hellman.  I am curious whether anyone has
already started playing with adding new encryption and authentication
modules, for example IDEA and DH.