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CPs write Bumper Stickers

Got my samples of bumper sticker stock from Williams & Macias today, and it 
looks *real* good.  Nice, heavy paper, feels like some kind of plastic 
coating on it to make it weather-resistant.  The description sheet that came 
with it says that it can also be run through copiers and offset presses, that 
it can be drawn on directly, and takes color (dry-toner).  W&M is calling 
them SlapSticks.

The 2041 (3 stickers/sheet) has 3 short (but full-width) areas; the 2042 has 
2 full-height areas.  The stuff also comes with two different adhesives: 
"temporary" and "removable".  The "temporary" is to allow washing off with 
soap and water; the "removable" is more durable.  From the descriptions, it 
sounds like the difference between a post-it note, and adhesive tape 
(roughly). Each sticker is on it's own little die-cut area, and the areas are 
separated with perfs to make separation easier.

Prices are $19.95 for 20 sheets, with Bumper Sticker Remover fluid for the 
"removeable" stickers at $2.75 for 11 oz. can.

2x41 is 3 stickers/sheet, 2x42 is 2 stickers/sheet.  Replace x with 0 for 
removable adhesive, use 1 for "temporary".

The number (again) is 1-800-310-0890;
Williams & Macias
3707 South Godfrey Blvd.
Spokane, WA   99204-5753
(509) 624-5170

Only got sampled one sheet of each kind, though :-(

Dave Merriman
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