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Re: kerberosV telnet


>I used to have a good deal of respect for Jef Poskanzer. He's written
>a buch of good software over the years, especially his portable bitmap
>manipulation stuff, and I found much of his other software to be
>useful. I'd never dealt with him before, and I was suprised to
>discover that he doesn't know how to behave in a civilized manner, and
>doesn't deserve the respect. It always saddens me to find this sort of
>thing out, but I suppose thats the way life is.
>Perhaps someone more gentle than I can explain to Jef that when people
>try to help you and answer a question, even if you don't think their
>answer is useful, that screaming obsenities at them (in private mail
>he's called my information to him "bullshit", among other things)
>isn't likely to serve your real interests.
>Jef Poskanzer says:
>> >Normally I like to answer inquiries, but it seems that Jef meets
>> >answers with insults, so I don't see any reason to give him further
>> >information.
>> Not at all, Perry.  It's only when a loudmouth gives *incorrect*
>> answers multiple times that I start getting pissed.
>> And I thank you for sparing the list any more of your "information",
>> if it's of similar quality to what you've posted so far.
>> ---
>> Jef