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Re: kerberosV telnet

> >I never once mentioned the Kerberos V code.  I explicitly said
> >"Cygnus" in my message. As for the Kerberos V stuff, I've never seen
> >it and would not pretend to know what it looks like, and thus wouldn't
> >mention it.
> No, of course you didn't mention it.  I mentioned it, in the subject
> of the first message of this ridiculous thread.  Apparently you
> And I still fail to see how my pointing out that you are confused can
> reasonably be called an "insult".

You have to excuse Perry.  You see, in Perry's eyes, anyone who doesn't 
agree with him, and has the intestinal fortitude to say so, is called 
names and told they are "insulting" him.  As Tom Clancy says in "Debt of 
Honor", "It was a source of constant surprise to Ryan that important 
grown-ups so often acted like five-year-olds."
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