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Re: kerberosV telnet

I was not continuing this on cypherpunks, but Mr. Pozkanzer seems to
have an insistance on posting bits of private mail, so I suppose I
should return the compliment. I have no interest in continuing this
past this message. I suspect everyone is extremely bored already.

Jef Poskanzer says:
> And I still fail to see how my pointing out that you are confused can
> reasonably be called an "insult".

You said:
>That would have been a stupid request to make.  Thanks for the

Implying that myself and the others answering your request were
somehow being insulting -- when we were simply answering a question
in good faith.

>It's insulting to demonstrate that you are bullshitting, eh?  Sure Perry.

Refering to a stranger who's just tried to give you some help as a
"bullshitter" is not, I hope, what your parents taught you about good

>Not at all, Perry.  It's only when a loudmouth gives *incorrect*
>answers multiple times that I start getting pissed.

Would you like being called a loudmouth? Do you, say, call your mother
a loudmouth when you meet her? Would you go up to a stranger under
most circumstances and say "you're a loudmouth"? Would you expect that
the stranger would take it as a friendly statement?

You have no sense of how to behave around your fellow human beings,
Mr. Pozkanzer.