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Beach Clash first edition review


Pretty much a case of Beach Blanket American Gladiators; except that it's
two "teams", each team consisting of HomeTown Folks and 2 each of the
HardBodies (1 each male & female).

Swimsuits on contestants are "sports" types (can't afford to have anything
popping free on national TV, eh?).  Bystanders/Audience, however, suffer no
such limitations :-)  Ditto on "personal interviews" with contestants (guys,
too, for those so inclined). Alison wears normal street clothes (sorry Sandy!)

Team names are Suitably Impressive and Beach-y: Tigersharks and Sea Otters

Tonights program included:
        > two-pass swim/climb: guys come in from out at sea, girls climb
rope.  One guy rides paddleboard in, tags girl who climbs rope to release
flag, which signals other guy to swim in from raft - said guy then tags same
girl who releases additional flag.
        > hill climb: guys & girls climb wet plastic fake hills, run back to
beginning, tag another team member who climbs, until all have gone over the
        > raft drag: guy team member on jet ski pulls girl team member
hanging onto inflatable raft.
        > VolleySmash: 4-person/team volleyball on a giant airmattress
        > BungeeBall: contestants try to run against restraint of bungee
cord, getting close enough to make freethrows.
        > BeachBout: contestants try to knock each other off horizontal pole
using foam bats.
        > King of the Raft: male/female contestants paddle out to raft to
join other members to try to climb pyramid and displace ball.
        > Walk the Plank: team members walk across the horizontal pole from
BeachBout while opposing team throws "dodge balls" at them.
        > Surf War: tug-o-war in the surf.
        > Crash and Burn: obstacle course through/in the surf and beach.

I'm sure there are crypto/privacy issues here, but I'm too thick to see them :-)

Mildly amusing, but not something I'm going to stay up 'till midnight for
next week.

Dave Merriman
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