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Letter from State Dept

I received the following letter today from the State Dept. I filed my
appeal on June 7, 1994, and according to their own rules they're
supposed to respond in 30 days.

For background, see http://www.cygnus.com/~gnu/export.html.


					United States Department of State
					Washington, DC 20520

					September 20, 1994

Philip R. Karn, Jr.
7431 Teasdale Avenue
San Diego, CA  92122

Dear Mr. Karn:

    I am writing with regard to your appeal of CJ Case 081-94,
concerning your "applied cryptography source code disk."

    As you undoubtedly realize, your appeal raises particularly
important and difficult issues.  We have met with your
attorney, Mr. Thomas J. Cooper, about the appeal, and have
consulted with him several times by telephone.  I wanted to
convey to you personally, as we have conveyed to him, the care
with which we are reviewing your appeal.  The review has
entailed widespread State Department and inter-agency
consultation.  To ensure that the various legal and policy
issues raised by your appeal are satisfactorily addressed, I
have found it necessary to extend the normal period for
consideration of such an appeal.

    The consideration of your appeal is now in its final
stages.  I appreciate the patience with this process that you
and your attorney have shown, and look forward to shortly
providing you with a response.



					Martha C. Harris
					Deputy Assistant Secretary
					     for Export Controls