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Re: Sufferance remailers

Great idea, but IMHO going offshore is a bit difficult...
it might be easier to arrange with a `useful idiot` to
get an extra phone installed in their closet, which would
then call forward to a local (and changeable) phone
number, where the computer would be physically located.

The computer itself would be transportable, and ideally
everything would be enclosed in a self-contained unit
with just two outlets...one for electricity, and one for
the telephone connection.

A further security step would be to trap the box such
that if it were opened improperly, the disk drive would
be physically destroyed.

The local phone calls don't create toll records, nor will
a tap or pin register, since the forwarding occurs in the
phone co. central office.

An important element would be to move the machine around,
both physically and electronically, so that there was a
moving target...and, if you were willing to accept the
phone costs, you could set up offshore.

Comments?  Any flaws in this?