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Re: First Virtual

> Does anybody know anything about a new company named "First Virtual"? I
>  know they got NSB from BellCore and a couple of other researchers.

nsb will be giving an invited talk at the winter '95 usenix conference in new 

Speaker: Nathanial Borenstein
Affiliation: First Virtual
Abstract: Traditional approaches to introducing commerce to the Internet focus 
on using the Internet to facilitate the sale of goods and services.  However, 
these approaches require either encryption or a closed system in order to 
safeguard payment.  By restricting our focus to information commerce -- 
transactions not involving physical goods or service -- we can radically 
simplify the underlying commerce model, with extremely important consequences 
for the usability and democracy of the Internet's payment infrastructure.

http://www.citi.umich.edu/u/honey/usenix.html has general info on the winter 
'95 usenix conference.