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Re: 3DES

>Quick question.  There's a brief mention in Applied Cryptography that
>triple DES uses:

	Eabc(x) = Ea(Db(Ec(x)))

>as opposed to:

>	Eabc(x) = Ea(Eb(Ec(x)))

>in order to preserve some symmetry properties.  Can anyone give a
>better explanation?

This should probably be in a FAQ somewhere. As I understand it, the
intent is to build 3DES chips that can be backward compatible with
single DES by simply setting all three keys to the same
value. Naturally, nobody would be stupid enough to do single DES in
this way in a software implementation, but it doesn't really cost
anything extra when operating in 3DES mode either. DES decryption is
the same as encryption with a reversed key schedule, so the work
factor for both ciphering and attacking should be the same.

Question to the group: are there any precise standards for how 3DES
keys are specified?  Also, a 3DES verification suite similar to NIST's
suite for single DES would be very nice.