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Re: cancelling a message

On Fri, 30 Sep 1994, Breakdown wrote:

> Someone in here recently mentioned cancelling a post on USENET. It's been 
> put to my knowledge that this is possible, but I have never known what it 
> actually means and how it is done. Whose messages can I cancel(anyone's 
> on the whole worldwide I-net or?) and how do I cancel them? If it helps 
> any, I use the Tin Pl12 newsreader. Any replies are welcome. Please fill 
> me in on this one. Thank you.

	In Tin, it's really easy. Manipulate Tin until your post that you 
wish to cancel is the currently viewed one. Hit "D", then "d" (case IS 
important). This will release a control cancel message, which propagates 
much like your original article. At most sites, as soon as they recieve 
the control cancel message, they will delete your article. If you do this 
early on, chances are the control cancel message kill all 
copies of your article before your article propagates too far.

	The problem is that some Usenet sites have stopped processing 
cancels, because cancels have been misused to censor postings on the 
basis of content. So, there is a small chance that your article will 
survive on some sites, but usually nothing to worry about.

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