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Re: The Code Breaker's Work Bench?

| I saw someone mention this program on sci.crypt once. Its supposed to be
| an aid to those trying to break a cypher. 

From cbw.doc:

     The Crypt Breakers' Workbench (CBW) is an interactive
multi-window system for mounting a cipher-text only attack on a file
encrypted by the Unix crypt command.  CBW is a workbench in the sense
that it provides the user with an integrated set of tools that
simplify the initial, middle and final portions of the decryption
process.  A user interacts with the workbench by choosing tools and
setting parameters.  CBW carries out the work and displays the
results.  A moderately experienced user of CBW can easily decrypt both
long and short messages when bigram statistics are known for the
message space.  The basic cryptanalytic techniques used by CBW are
described in a paper by Reeds and Weinberger that appeared in the
October 1984 issue of the ATT Bell Laboratories Technical Journal.
This manual explains the capabilities and operating procedures of CBW