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cnonymity, law and order

I want to publicly thank John Young for making articles available.  MOst of 
those articles I would not otherwise have seen.  

I was particularly interested in Peter Lewis's article from the New York Tines 
that John offered.  Was there anyone in the world, well, in the cyberworld, who 
was fooled by the article on the Microsoft acquisition of the Catholic church?  
Anyone, who after reading that piece, considered anything other than the 
creativity of the author, should be committed to St. John's Home for the 
Desperately Dumb.  

However, there was something in that article that was of concern.  If the 
Massachusetts judge in the MIT student case actually said that he couldn't act 
because Congress had not enacted any laws, then it is for sure they will try to 
and they will try to act hurriedly.  Hurried actions by congress are even worse 
than their considered actions.  I think we need to keep in touch with our 
representatives and senators to make sure that all of the ramifications of any 
law are considered.  Sometimes laws passed by Congress are rather well 
intentioned, but the bureaucrats who write the policies and procedures by which 
the laws will be implemented can make them an albatross around our necks.  
These policy and procedure writers are dreadfully misinformed and are to 
enamored with their power and position to inform themselves.  

Admittedly, anonymity and law and order are not easy bed fellows, but difficult 
issues are never solved by hurried, uninformed, politically-motivated action.  
This puts some pressure on us cypherpunks.  We have to be ready to consider all 
aspects of the argument so that our presentation in favor of anonymity will be 
taken seriously.  

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