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Reminder: January 14th "Tools Demo Day" Meeting

This is a reminder that the January 14th "Tools Demo Day" meeting is
coming up, standard place and time at the Silicon Graphics building in
Mountain View, CA.

I described this several weeks back and asked for folks interested in
demonstrating any sort of software tools, crypto code, languages,
etc., to get in contact with me. One person, Henry Strickland
(Strick), has done so. In any case, the meeting will go on.

I'll have my PowerMac 7100 there, and will demo some things like
Mathematica, SmalltalkAgents, MacPGP, etc. 

An SGI Unix box is of course available. An Intel box running something
of interest will presumably be brought by someone.

Anyone planning to demo something should either plan to run on a
machine they know will be there, or bring their own. 

A video projector is sometimes usable, and I plan to bring my video
camera. The idea is that laptops and other non-video out systems can
still be seen by lots of folks. (Someone mentioned also that an LCD
projector may be available.)

The normal meeting time is 12-5, but people usually spend the first
hour shmoozing and eating their burritos, so I plan on starting the
formal meeting at 1 (but don't get there at 1 and _then_ expect to
shmooze/eat for the next hour!). The machines should be ready to go by
1:30 at the latest, so that demos can begin.

If we have a lot of demos--not likely based on current
information--then I'll propose parallel tracks.

Please don't be bashful about doing a demo! The idea is to educate and
expose people to tools and software they might otherwise only vaguely
know about. Demos don't have to polished and professional.

And please send me a brief note if you want to demo something.

--Tim May

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