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Re: Anonymous payment scheme

At 03:52 AM 1/2/95 -0600, Samuel Kaplin wrote:
>... I was looking at at the bigger picture. Any merchant who accepts Visa or MC
>could now accept anonymous payments. No hassle at all on their part. They
>probably wouldn't even know that it was an anonymous account. It fits into
>the existing infrastructure very nicely.

If you can convince BankAmerica or MasterCard International to deal with you.

> ... Walk into the issuing authority, plunk your $9999.99 on the counter 
and > ask for your card. When you've spent it all, toss the card.

Right there you imply one of the requirements you'd need to fulfill--the 
reporting requirements on cash transactions over $10K.  If you accepted many 
deposits over $5K, you probably get asked a lot of questions about how 
you're preventing people from structuring transactions to avoid the 
reporting requirement.

    --Paul J. Ste. Marie
      [email protected], [email protected]