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calls for regulation

	This is pretty scary, I mean it always sat in the back of my mind 
that they would attemt to rgulate the net, and to pass legislation and 
all, but now that it is rearing it's head and looks like there is going 
to be a push for it, I am actually concerned, to teh point of fear 
almost.  Not a paralyzing fear, but a definite feeling that action is 
neccesary now to either head it off, or provide for alternative forms of 
communication on the Net if it does come.  Thank goodness the cypherpunks 
have been working on crypto, it is at least deployed enough now that any 
attempt to control that would entail drastic measures, like REALLY 

	I think perhaps we should make a concerted effort to alert eh 
rest of the net of these happenings, and to tell them to contact their 
legislators and such to try and stop it, or at least attempt to stop the 
hystericism that these articles will drum up in congress.  Perhaps 
someone will be kind enough to write "newsletter" or a post to be spread 
throught usenet and other BBS's and mailing lists(under control, not 
spamming or anything) that alerts people on what is happening, and what 
they can do about it. I am afraid I am to inexperienced as a writer of 
such things, I could do it, but i am sure that others here would do much 
better jobs of it, and thus influence mroe action from the people on the 

get on your boots fellas, load your guns too.  Loks like a war is 
starting up, or is it a police action 8)

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