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Sandy Sandfort says:
> Gosh, my education seems to be remiss with regard to the case/
> incidents referred to.  Could someone let us know who this person
> is and what her claim to fame is?  (It certainly isn't her logic
> or writing ability.)

Martha is a de facto disbarred attorney, who, along with her equally
slimey hubby, also a de facto disbarred attorney (both resigned from
the Florida bar for ethical violations rather than be disbarred),
began posting to every group on Usenet a scummy ad explaining that if
people would only pay them a bunch of money they would file entries
into last years green card lottery for their clients, who, of course,
could have simply sent their letters in on their own for free. The net
reacted rather violently to their spamming, because unlike most
rational individuals they contended that they were doing something
perfectly decent and honest. People stopped them in the long run by
rigging up cancelbots to administer the Usenet death penalty to them.

No one would be giving them a shred of respect, except for the fact
that a certain New York Times reporter named Peter Lewis appeared to
miss the point in certain articles he published about the incident.