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Re: Book review: Codebreakers, the Inside Story of Bletchley Park

[email protected] +1-510-484-6204 wrote:
> Another book with some insight into Bletchley Park is
> "Cloak and Gown" (I forget the author), about the relationship between
> Yale academics and the OSS, the WW2 predecessor to the CIA.

That's by Robin Winks. I have a copy, in hardback, that I found some
years back in a used book store. Lots of good stuff about the central
role Yale has played.

> Among the various Yalies who went into the OSS was James Jesus Angleton,
> who spent a lot of time at Bletchley analyzing information that might
> be useful for US Army and covert OSS activities, and trying to support

A friend of mine, Buddy Diamond, developer of the "NFL Challenge" PC
game of some years back, worked with James J. Angleton on a kind of
"CIA Challenge" training game. I met Buddy at the 1988 Crypto
conference, and he was the main reason I got invited to the Hackers
Conference that year (and thereafter, as is the norm). Oh, he went to
Yale, and this had a lot to do with the CIA getting in touch with him.

--Tim May

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