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Re: Press attack on anonymity.

> From: <[email protected]>
> Sandy Sandfort posted an editorial from the Mondays SF Chronicle.
> There is a front page story in todays San Jose Mercury News on why
> anonymity is a bad thing.
> Its from a New York Times story by Peter H. Lewis
> The question is who launched all this stuff?

Funny thing is, _I_ just wrote a long piece on anon remailers too, though
it was obviously from a different perspective from Peter Lewis's (and a lot
better written, natch).  The local paper it was written for liked it, but
thought the subject matter was "too technical" for its readership, so I'm
hoping to get it published elsewhere.  When I got the idea, all I could
think of was why no one else had done a piece specifically on remailers.
It's an important story.  I guess everyone else was working on them at the
same time.

I hope that there are some good pro-anonymity pieces published soon to give
some "balance."

P.S.: Martha S. Siegel is absolutely out of her mind.  If she wasn't
lynched after the green card episode, this latest stunt should do it.