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Re: 16 years old hacker arrested ?

> According to AFP(London), The Independent reported on January 3, 1995
> that a sixteen years old boy was arrested for breaking into the 
> computer network of US Defense Department.
> The report also tells that the hacker posted documents about last
> year's nuclear crisis between North Korea and USA.
> Does anyone know where can I get a copy of that documents ?

This is a repost from another list:

   From wire reports
   LONDON - A British teen-ager allegedly hacked into sensitive U.S.
   government computers and was able to monitor secret communications
   over the North Korean nuclear crisis last spring, the Independent
   newspaper reported Tuesday.
   The boy tapped into several defense computers for seven months in what
   U.S. officials conceded was one of the most serious breaches of
   computer security in recent years, the paper said.
   The 16-year-old, after reading the messages, put them on a bulletin
   board on the Internet, an international computer network accessible to
   35 million users.
   A British hacker who read the messages told the Independent they
   contained information about firing sites in North Korea and field
   "He kept detailed logs of communication traffic. He really couldn't
   believe his luck. The Americans thought he was a spy but he told them
   he was just doing it for fun," the hacker told the Independent.
   The boy, nicknamed "Datastream" by other Internet users, was finally
   caught by special U.S. investigators because he left his terminal
   on-line to a U.S. defense computer overnight.
   British police arrested the boy in July and prosecutors are expected
   to decide this month whether he can be charged, the Independent said.
   In a statement to the paper, the U.S. Air Force Office of Special
   Investigations acknowledged the hacker could have accessed and read
   the Korean files.