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Re: Siegel and Lewis

On Wed, 4 Jan 1995, Jonathan Rochkind wrote:
> In a rather disjointed sort of way, that makes it easy to beleive the
> article was mangled somewhat in editing. Perhaps they rearanged it to put
> the "sensational" fear-mongering stuff first.  Which is unfortunate, and

One of the top points was "experts say ....".   Journalists 
do not quote anonymous "experts" on controversial stuff 
unless they have marching orders from above.  It is a 
violation of the standard rules of journalism.  You are 
always supposed to identify the person allegedly speaking.   

"Experts say .." is like "Highly placed sources ...".   You know an 
official lie issued by the the appropriate department of lies is
about going to follow when you see those words.

This article was no accident of sloppy thinking and editing.

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